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Hi, my name is Adam Blake and I’ve been working as a trainer in the O.C since 2011 and coaching online since 2016.

During that time I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to fat loss and functional fitness.

And I’ll be sharing it all with you here.

But you won’t just find information.

After all, the internet is already way too full of diets, workout plans, and “hacks” to help you get “optimized”.

It’s gotten way too confusing.

Instead, we’ll distill that overwhelming volume of information down into something you can…you know, actually do.

My content is crafted mainly for fellas over the age of 40.

We ain’t young, but we sure as hell ain’t ready to be old men yet either.

As a Gen X’er myself,  I make it a point to stay on top of all the latest research thats relevant to helping us live long, live strong and look pretty darn awesome while doing so.

You’ll learn how to be as lean, defined, and athletic as possible while still enjoying the finer things in life.

Like ice cream and naps.

Unlike most trainers, I’m not one of those high school studs who just got into shape young and stayed that way.

Far from it.

I’m a (reformed) alcoholic, ex-skinny bastard, and all around ne’er do well who drank himself through two kidney failures and regularly passed out drunk in stairwells, alleyways, and on one particularly memorable occasion under a tour bus in a House Of Blues parking lot.

I have been to rock bottom and crawled my way back up.

During the nineties and early 2000s, I toured the world playing in a punk rock band. 

I had the time of my life, but all those years on the road left me with a soft body, a weak mind, and a serious drinking problem.

My testosterone levels were in the toilet, and I felt like I was living life at only a fraction of my potential.

My twenties: piss weak and puny

It wasn’t until the age of 36, when, after years of trying to make a positive change, I hit what alcoholics call rock bottom.

I was living in a rat infested NYC walk up in a part of town where the tourists don’t go. 

My drinking was out of control and I was in a bad way health wise.

I took a long hard look at the man I had become and was disgusted by what I saw.

So I decided to make a change.

I stepped up, kicked the booze and got serious about becoming physically and mentally strong.

And in less than 12 months, I went from piss weak and puny to muscular and defined.

From being unable to do ten good push-ups to banging out sets of weighted pull-ups and deadlifting over 400 lbs.


Once I got in shape, my confidence soared, and I started taking charge in every other area of my life. 

Then out of my desire to help others, I began coaching people who wanted to step up and live as the best most powerful version of themselves.

Getting strong changed everything for the better, and I know it’ll do the same for you.

Now at 50 years of age, I am in the best shape of my life. I am stronger, better conditioned and more flexible than ever. 

I maintain a lean body composition year round and my testosterone levels are considered high normal.

 It’s night and day from where I was in the “prime of my life”

Adam 50
50 years old

I started Lift Weights Burn Fat as a resource to help people who want to experience the same things for themselves.

As a way to lay out a roadmap you can follow to make your own transformation.

If you want the latest and greatest delivered right to your door (so to speak), I’d suggest signing up for my weekly newsletter here.

Once that’s done head on over and take a look at the articles and you’ll get a feel for how we do things around here.

Stay Hungry,