Introducing the Ready To Rock coaching program.

A totally new way to a stronger, leaner and more kick ass body.

Imagine a mid week morning. You wake up a few minutes before your alarm goes off feeling well-rested and refreshed. 

Before getting out of bed, you take a few moments to stretch out. Your muscles feel supple, your joints smooth and pain-free.

You bounce out of the bed, and first things first, you gotta poop.

On the way to the throne you stop and take an admiring glance in the mirror.  You’re lean, defined, and can clearly see the outline of a six-pack starting to emerge. 

Damn, you look better now than you did 10 years ago.

You take care of that first “pressing order of business” and then spend a few minutes doing the custom stretching and mobility routine your coach sent you to get the blood pumping before you hop in the shower.

You’re charged up and feel ready to own the day.

Mentally, you’re focused. 

Confident without being cocky. 

Your training program has packed on some muscle in all the right places and you’re loving the way it’s making you look and feel. 

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that other people have noticed the change as well. 

You’ve been getting a lot more respect lately and people seem much more ready to pay attention when you speak.

Not to mention all the compliments you’re getting about how good you’re looking.

Life’s good.

Not so long ago, things were very different.

You were fighting the flab and the flab was winning. 

You had zero energy, zero libido and zero confidence in your body. And you felt like you might be too far gone to turn it all around. 

Every morning you’d wake up feeling almost as tired as when you went to bed the night before.

You tried dieting, boot camps, but nothing stuck. It was starting to look like a slow descent into a decrepit old age was all but inevitable.

I know this feeling all too well, because I’ve lived it.


It wasn’t until the age of 36, when, after years of trying to make a positive change, I hit what alcoholics call rock bottom.

I was living in a rat infested NYC walk up in a part of town where the tourists don’t go. My drinking was out of control and I was piss weak and puny. 

Living life at only a fraction of my potential.

I took a long hard look at the man I had become and was disgusted by what I saw.

So I decided to make a change.

I stepped up, kicked the booze and got serious about becoming physically and mentally strong.

I trained with Hard style kettlebell masters, learned the secrets of gymnastic strength training, practiced yoga and studied the principles of human health and longevity.

And in less than 12 months I went from being scrawny and weak to muscular and defined.

From being unable to do 10 good push ups to banging out sets of heavy weighted pull ups and deadlifting more than twice my body weight.


My confidence soared and I started taking charge in every other area of my life. 

And then out of my desire to help others, I became a coach for others who wanted to step up and make a similar transformation.

I applied the principles I had learned from my boyhood hero Bruce Lee: Absorbing what was useful, rejecting what was useless and adding what my own experience taught me had value.

Over the years, I developed a comprehensive system that not only builds muscle and burns fat, but which also develops flexibility, endurance and balance. 

And which does it in a way that enhances your long term health, not trashes it like so many of the other programs I had seen out there.

Early in my career, it became clear that developing true expertise as a coach requires niching down and focusing on helping a very specific group of people achieve their goals.
So I only work with people 40 years old and up.

I’m guy in that age range myself and so I make it a point to stay on top of all the latest research that might be relevant to us Gen X’ers.

I don’t work with people brand new to training or those who are dealing with serious injuries. If that describes you, it would be better to work with an in person trainer for a few months before applying for this program.

Oh, and if your goal is to get absolutely humungous, win gold at the CrossFit games or you’re willing to sacrifice your long term health for six packs abs then I won’t be a good fit.

But if:

  • You want to develop the lean functional looking physique of an old school prizefighter or gymnast.
  • You want to have real world applicable levels of strength, flexibility. balance and endurance.
  • You want a more sustainable approach to nutrition. Not some quick fix where the benefits don’t last. Rather a way of eating that keeps food fun.

Then I’m your guy 🙂

To be at your very best, you need more than just a generic program you download off the internet. 

If it was that easy we’d all have six pack abs and be driving Ferraris.

Instead, you need a real coach to get your nutrition dialed in, fix your sleep and recovery and build you a training program that’ll turn you into a goddamn savage.

And having an experienced eye to hold you accountable and be there to help you navigate the inevitable challenges as they come up is invaluable when it comes to winning this shit once and for all.

  • Work meeting runs late and you can’t make your scheduled workout?
  • It’s your birthday and you wanna know how to party without blowing out your diet?
  • Going on a work trip or vacation and need some “road warrior” workouts to keep you savage?

I’ll make sure you’re never at a loss on how to handle these type of situations.

Cookie cutter solutions won’t cut it, because you don’t live a cookie cutter life.

The Ready To Rock coaching program is a chance to go hard on not only developing a strong, lean body, but also the lifestyle habits and the skills you’ll need to keep it for life.

And because the program is delivered online, you won’t be held hostage to the billable hours model of an in person trainer.

Who has to make sure your workouts fit exactly into the 50 – 60 minute sessions his gym insists on and which have to take place according to the trainers availability.

Instead, your workouts will be programmed based on what YOU need and on YOUR schedule.

Some days, it’ll just a 10 – 15 minute flexibility session done at home on your mat. Other times you’ll be putting in a longer strength or conditioning workout.

The point is, unlike regular in-person training, YOUR needs will dictate the training schedule, not those of the gym or your trainer.

But if you aren’t willing to be coached and put in the work, I can’t help you.

I’ll take out all the guesswork, handcraft your training, recovery and nutrition in way that fits into your life without taking it over.

And I’ll be there to hold you accountable, answer any questions you have and adjust things when life gets in the way.

But if you aren’t willing to do the work, this program isn’t going to be a good fit for you. If you’re a “do nothing bitch” who isn’t willing to be coached and who is scared of doing the work then stop reading right here.

This isn’t for talkers and complainers. Those who just “wish it would all get better” and who aren’t willing to actually step up and do what’s necessary.

Instead this program is for people who have the drive to make a positive change and who are willing to invest in themselves to make it happen.

You could try and figure it out on your own which took me years of trial and error. Or you can shortcut your way past all of that and work with someone who has helped hundreds of people just like you get into the best shape of their lives.

The benefits of us working together will go far beyond just looking savage in a tank top.

You’ll also be physically prepared for anything.

Whether you wanna crush a Spartan Race, dominate on the pickle ball court or become a jiu jitsu master, you’ll have the strength, endurance and flexibility to be able to handle it.

And whether you’re in your business suit or your birthday suit, you’ll look like someone who works out.

Getting in shape in the middle era of your life is a very different ballgame from when you’re a twenty something.

I know, because I’ve done it myself AND I’ve coached hundreds of people to do the same.

Your body is different but there are also logistical challenges.

You simply don’t have as much time as you used to. 

Spending 90 minutes at the gym, 5 days a week just isn’t an option.

Sure, I have some clients for whom getting to the gym isn’t an issue but a lot  of them prefer to train at home, using a few key pieces of equipment that won’t run you more than a couple of hundred bucks (If you don’t have them already)

And which, once you master their use, will be all you need to stay strong, lean and savage for the rest of your days.

There are very few fitness goals that can’t be achieved training at home with some kettlebells, bands and a TRX or set of gymnastics rings. And time wise, you can develop a body that looks and performs at a high level in just a few hours a week.

When you’re fit and healthy, you have more energy and get more shit done.

Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and business powerhouses like Richard Branson spend thousands of dollars a month for their health and fitness coaches.

Because they know that having their training and nutrition dialed in improves their performance in everything else they do.

They have more energy to bring to their work, they’re more present with their families and they get to live life at a higher level.

Now, this program won’t run you even close to the price they’re paying. In fact, you would pay more per month if you hired a local trainer at the YMCA for a just couple of sessions per week.

And they would only handle your workouts.

Whereas, as part of this program, you’ll not only will you get a hand crafted training program that will turn you into a savage. But I’ll also dial in your diet, your sleep and stress management, supplementation and everything else that goes into getting you slammin’ and sustainable results.

If you’re willing to do the work, be coached and are serious about making a positive change that lasts, I’d love to work with you.

How To Proceed

  1. Click below to go to the application form and take a few minutes to fill it out.

  2. I’ll review your application and then shoot you message to schedule a call. We’ll take a deep dive into your goals, expectations and how this all works. I’ll also be very upfront about what we can and can’t achieve in our time together. We’ll also discuss pricing options then.

  3. Spots are strictly limited as you’ll be working directly with me. I don’t outsource anything to assistant coaches and I want to be able to give you the one on one attention you deserve so don’t sleep on this as it can be awhile until new spots open up.

  4. All coaching packages are a minimum of three months in duration. That’s enough time to make a very noticeable change in how you look and feel. As well as hardwire in some long lasting health habits.